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Let’s save the galaxy from attacks of bad Product Design. Don’t spend your short life burning cash, building products and features nobody wants. Let’s design products together creating value for people. Let’s save the galaxy together!



Smart Select MD

Digital Platform to put patients in control of their health, seamlessly connecting with insurance provided by their employer. Smart Select MD is a physician’s rating tool, gathering information users tell us they want to see. I worked on this at Alight.

Concept - Smart Select MD Home Page

Lisa –
AI Assistant

Lisa provides Alight’s more than 30 million customers with real-time answers to their HR and benefits questions. I worked with this at Alight.


Lisa Chat - Intelligent Assistant


MyTech provides Nationwide’s more than 30,000+ current associates as well as new joining team members the tools they need to succeed.


Order Complete - MyTech
Nationwide Logo


Designing of a life-changing service. BCx Health & Wellness Services, such as talking to a doctor and getting necessary prescriptions for gig workers.


Grubhub Desktop home page view
Grubhub mobile homepage view

Fight Pandemics

FightPandemics is a web and mobile app helping those affected by COVID-19 get the support they need.

profile page
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Mission objectives: 


Making product decisions from a standpoint of “this testing shows 19% better conversions” rather than “this looks visually appealing.”


Before working in design I come from a background in front-end development. This means we can work together, faster, using a common vocabulary in cross-functional teams, to build products people love.


Bottom line. Product represents value delivered, nothing else.


Good designers know the business needs and the user’s needs. Good products meet somewhere in the middle to be beneficial to everyone.


Account Director,


Elliott Smith

“It was a pleasure working with Joel, his UX/UI skills were a significant benefit to our team working on a complex project that had a lot of layers. If we could have worked with him longer, we would have. He will be a benefit to any team he works on moving forward. Expect him to have a long and successful career if he maintains his top performance and focus.”

Elliott Smith - Alight Account Director


Founder, DoinGud

Manuel Alzuru

“It’s always exciting to see the different solutions that Joel comes up with. At FightPandemics (now DoinGud), he worked alongside our product and design teams and delivered elegant UI/UX design in several features of our product. His passion for making a clean product design and willingness to evaluate other perspectives makes him an invaluable asset to any organization.”

Manuel Alzuru


CEO, Jauntin’

Rain Takahashi

“Joel is a very efficient and detail-oriented designer. I highly recommend him for both full time and freelance projects. He sticks to schedules well and is always willing to go the extra mile.”


Additional achievements

Overlyvisual Wallpapers

Native Mac App I designed and developed.

This is an app I created from scratch, with the help of AI tools such as Github Copilot and GPT, and got fully functioning, and published to the App Store for Mac. Towards the end, I hired a developer for assistance on packaging the app in a .pkg file for App Store acceptance.

Mac App Store
Overlyvisual Wallpapers Example of the app

Google: Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

Certificate ID: SDSS3RQTSWNF

Coursera Course Certificate

Google: Start the UX Design Process: Empathize, Define, and Ideate

Certificate ID: LVV49SH9S7L9

Google - Course Certificate - Start the Design Process

Google: Build Wireframes and Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Certificate ID: QGPPJYY5N3LB

Google - Course Certificate - Build Wireframes and Low Fidelity Prototypes

Character Overview


Joel Buzzanco,                Designer

Missions Successfully Completed

Designs I have shipped to outer space have spanned from Fintech, HR software, Healthcare, Insurance, Insurtech, and Marketing apps.


General Assembly, Web Development


Earth, United States, currently in Erie, Pennsylvania with remote team missions a success!

Join & Let’s rule the Galaxy together

I hope you had half as much fun browsing through this site as I had making it. I feel that so many portfolios look the same, with a bland “Squarespace”-ey feel, and I wanted to explore something more creative visually.

If you have a Design job coming up I could be a good fit for, please send me a message.