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Hello, I'm Joel 

Joel - Designer - Developer Headshot

I am a designer & web developer.

I am able to quickly find what works and what doesn't work in functional web apps and landing pages for business and marketing purposes. I am fascinated by design that delights and drives action.

I have an instinct in understanding data for good UX, to wireframes, to production, to empathy back with the user. I went to school in Boston for Web Development. Since I have worked with some wonderful companies: anywhere from non-profits, to innovative startups needing work on their digital products and landing pages. 

As I grow, I am interested in a position where I can continually contribute to being a valuable driver of innovation with thoughtful design & development.

Joel - Designer - Developer

Finally, there is a lot of bad software in the world. What is perhaps most unique about myself, is my curiosity for good design. I am meticulous in finding and bringing welcoming design & development into the world – that blend and function seamlessly together... and that curiosity is what really brings great results.


Some projects I've worked on. Touch to visit the live website.

Image search app


built getting data from the Pixabay API, uses some of my favorite technologies, Angular, it's CLI, Material (for a modern look and feel), as well as Masonry, which is a JS Grid Layout Library, and caching for search. A simple but useful application.

Triumphant Life Church


developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Materialize, and utilized WooCommerce as a shopping cart for a bookstore in this freelance project. Takes full advantage of the Materialize framework which allowed me to build and design quickly yet elegantly. Doing this project made Materialize, perhaps my favorite UI framework.

Sheds of Waterford


developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Built-in Google Maps for site visitors to find the location fast and easily. Has contact via phone or email within the web application to easily contact to learn more about the products and services that the business offers its customers.

travel journal


documents using Mapbox and Leaflet libraries for the map, built on Angular and Bootstrap. this app takes GPS data – for example, a run from your phone data – then puts that data displayed onto a visible map, tracking your journey.

dental website


website built using custom coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Google Maps integrated for site visitors to find the business easily. Updates to Google My Business to be in sync with the website - contact details easily found and hours for quick seamless visitor experience.

italy landscape

Travel Blog

developing and designing a large travel website's blog – adding commenting functionality to it. Also added encryption and a content delivery network in order to prevent attacks, increase the website's performance.


BCx by BasiCare Plus

landing pages for a medical company, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Included email sign-up list that went to their email marketing platform, contact form with a backend that multiple people could view and manage. Made with mobile first design philosophy. 

Satisfied Clients

Recommendations from wonderful people I've worked with

"Joel is a very efficient and detail oriented developer and designer. I highly recommend him for both full time or freelance projects. He sticks to schedules well and is always willing to go the extra mile."