Basicare Plus: Health & Wellness



Health & Wellness Services for the Gig Economy

i.e. how can we save the galaxy?

Basicare Plus Health & Wellness, shortened, BCx, is a web app designed to get gig workers, working for example the two above, Health & Wellness Services.

Grubhub signed because of these designs. As well as OTHRSource.

The initial design, for Grubhub, took 5 sprints (one month), all working remotely for offices in Toronto. The services include virtual visits with a doctor, access to most prescription drugs at a much lower rate than without insurance, and a way for those struggling emotionally / mentally to see a therapist, with options virtually and in person. Most importantly, it puts the user in control, both as a product and a digital interaction, giving options in healthcare.

Target and Challenge

The user base for this project included multiple B2B customers to sign, which made it a great project for the business. The main requirements were that it would be accessible and transparent to gig workers. BCx’s value of Health & Wellness services needed to be clearly communicated to people without any specific knowledge of prescription drugs or understanding of healthcare.

Grubhub Desktop home page view
Grubhub mobile homepage view

Problems solved

Access to affordable healthcare is a big issue in the United States. With unemployment rates continuing to rise, many people don’t have access to the healthcare they need. Moving alongside this, more people are turning to find other ways than a traditional 9-5 to bring in some additional cash.

Grubhub home details desktop
Grubhub Details of plan

Outcomes and Achievements 

The UX/UI Design, basic branding, and a lo-fi prototype were produced in the incredibly short time frame of just one month. Built to bring healthcare to people in the gig economy, this prototype led to the signing of GrubHub and OTHRSource to:

– 24/7 access to Board Certified physicians through tele-med consultations
– Zero copay for more than 90% of generic medications prescribed by telemedicine
– Mental health and assistance services a phone call away

Grubhub home prescription coverage desktop
Grubhub video home Mobile

The Product

Technologies used

Zeplin, Sketch, Invision, HTML, CSS

Offices Coordinating


Teams Worked with

Engineering, Business-Dev, Sales, Copywriting

A hi-fi prototype was developed with a desktop version as well that I’d love to show you! It was accepted by customers at GrubHub and OTHRSource. By giving customers something tangible to see and play with, we were able to test the idea and assess risk points without delay. Would you like to see it?


I worked on this project as a lead designer

Design (prototyping, UI, and branding)
Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)
UX analysis (flows, persona, research)
Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

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