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Basicare Plus: Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness Services for the Gig Economy

i.e. how can we save the galaxy?

FightPandemics is creating an altruistic platform that facilitates the connection and exchange of information between individuals and organizations needing help with those providing help and vice versa. 
It is built by a global team of developers, designers, scientists, health experts, and product managers located around the world.

Target and Challenge

The audience intended for FightPandemics app is any person on the planet needing COVID-19 info, needing help, and offering help. One scope of a project I was assigned to included me designing the gamification for the app. Gamification was a strategy put forth by the team to increase user engagement. Part of the challenge was not only designing to motivate people on what they can achieve but also to see how far along they have come along, on this platform designed with helping others in mind.

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Problems solved

The founder of FightPandemics, Manuel Alzuru was infected with COVID-19 in France. He found he was unable to get help even though there were people who wanted to provide it. Telegram and WhatsApp groups were self-organizing in Manuel’s neighborhood. Inspired by so many coming together, FightPandemics products are built with one vision in mind: to ensure that others could connect in time – bringing those who need help with those wanting to provide it. This feature helps grow user engagement and keep users on the platform.

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Outcomes and Achievements

The UX/UI Design, basic branding, and lo-fi prototype of the notifications system were designed in two sprints, or just two weeks. After that new notifications were added in the following sprints and existing UI Designs were improved upon with new research.

– see your progress in achieving a badge
– see badges you’ve achieved
– unlock new challenges as you go along

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The Product

Technologies used

Zeplin, Sketch, Invision, HTML, CSS

Offices Coordinating


Teams Worked with

Engineering, Business-Dev, Sales, Copywriting

A hi-fi prototype was developed and implemented into FightPandemics. It was a very satisfying experience to work with a designer to help approve my work, bringing such an enjoyable feature of any platform to life, let alone one that will help many many people all over the world. By giving something for users to tangibly get their hands on, we were able to test and assess the success of this feature rapidly. Would you like to see more of it?


I worked on this project as the lead designer alongside one other designer.
We communicated using Slack, video calls, and Figma to collaboratively work together, simultaneously.

– Design (prototyping, UI, and graphic asset creation)
– Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)
– UX analysis (persona, storyboarding, research)

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