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An integrated, intelligent virtual assistant (IVA)

Allowing your employees to get 24/7, real-time support on HR and benefits programs, when and how they need it.

Lisa is the future of AI in HR. Interacting with Lisa is like talking to a real person. the information they want to know,
It is built by Alight Worklife, where I was on a team of developers, designers, and product managers in distributed teams with Alight across the United States.

My role was remotely creating Product Design solutions for this system within certain contexts, providing multiple solutions to user stories.

Lisa AI Chatbot, User Stories

Target and Challenge

To answer customer questions on enrollment, health savings accounts, password issues, medical benefits, and retirement benefits, without overwhelming the company’s call center.

Lisa Chat Window First Opened

Problems solved

Getting people that use Alight Worklife  quick answers to what we found were the top 5 chat topics: Annual Enrollment, Health Savings Accounts, Password Issues, Medical Benefits, and Retirement Benefits.

Lisa Chat Window
Lisa Chat Window

Outcomes and Achievements

  • Chatted with over 1 Million different people

  • Had over 2 Million different interactions

  • Most issues were resolved after asking only 1 question

    Lisa Chat Window
    Lisa Chat Window

    The Product

    Technologies used

    Figma, Figjam, Miro

    Offices Coordinating

    Chicago, IL.
    Boston, MA.
    ERIE, PA.

    Teams Worked with

    Product Design, Accessiblity

    Lisa has been on the job since 2017 and she has improved greatly. Lisa provides Alight’s 30 million-plus customers with real-time answers to their HR and benefits questions. Lisa also provided employers with swift support around COVID-19,  including topics like remote work and 401(k) withdrawals.


    I worked on this project as a Product Designer alongside one other PD.
    We communicated using Slack, Teams calls, Miro, and Figma to collaboratively work together, simultaneously.

    Product Design (prototyping, UI, and UX)
    – Illustration
    – UX Analysis 

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