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Helping workers get Health & Wellness Services on BCx

February 12, 2020

Integrating thoughtful Design & Developement for better Healthcare Services

BCx Health & Wellness

Web App

My role

Research, User Flows, Information Architecture, Sketching, Wireframing, UI, Prototyping


About 5 weeks

BCx is a provider for affordable Health & Wellness services. BCx Health & Wellness include:

- 24/7 access to Board Certified physicians through tele-med consultations

- Zero copay for more than 90% of generic medications prescribed by telemedicine

-  Mental health and assistance services a phone call away

The challenge was to design was for it to be an informational and prospective onboarding tool to be user friendly and intuitive to help consumers make an informed decision on what services they would be getting. Too many people are without the prescription drugs or mental health services they can benefit from so I knew from the start this was an important project to be designing for.

The outcome of the design was that freelance workers, contractors, and those out of work were happy with the control they got out of the use of the Health & Wellness services. They felt it was easy to discover what the benefits were out of the program.

How to see the design in action:

View the Invision


Health & Wellness services are currently hard to obtain unless you are a full-time employee with benefits

User research indicated that people that are freelancers, independent contractors, and workers in the gig-economy were not able to get the healthcare they needed. People especially in US markets were often unable to afford the healthcare that they need to afford prescription drugs, doctor visits, mental health services, and therapy.


How might we simplify the process for getting Health & Wellness Services

The traditional healthcare model is unfortunately not fair towards those who might not be able to have full-time work, or choose not to for personal reasons, be it raising children, taking care of family, or other responsibilities they may have. Those people are often already at a disadvantage to afford the health services needed.

What if we were able to give these people some of the services they need at an affordable price? Even if it doesn't cover everything that say a full-time worker's health insurance has, we could design to provide the services people need. What if we designed the user flow to be intuitive?


Users trust the BCx Service more

To test the design, we watched people use the product. Overall, users appreciated the display of information and were able to determine the benefits of the program and the benefits that are included within it.

Trust was increased with social proofing.