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about me

I am a Developer. A lot of companies having the title "Developer" for a position,  but all with different responsibilities has somewhat distorted the meaning of what a developer is. From FrontEnd Developer, BackEnd Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, FrontEnd Engineer... and once your in these roles a lot of the responsibilities coincide. I could go on and on, and if you've ever hired for or worked in the tech space, you probably can relate to what I'm talking about.  
By I am a Developer, what I mean is: yes I can write code, yes I can write programs – and whether it be FrontEnd, BackEnd, Software, I am not afraid to dive into and learn new technologies. 

In more recent time
I have worked as a freelancer in web development. Working closely with small business owners and department managers have taught me to be mindful of what the requirements of a project are and to deliver quickly. I've worked with CMS like Wordpress and WooCommerce, to building sites and small applications out with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, some JavaScript frameworks like Ember and Angular, and some backend technologies like Ruby on Rails and Node, AWS, MySQL. I am not afraid to dive into new technologies as that is how to become a good developer and designer.

With diverse background and experience, one could argue that what I bring to the table that is most important is to look at problems from a different and fresh perspective. I have worked in a casino, fine dining restaurant, and a large Honda dealer... one thing that these all have in common is that these are all faced-paced environments that you have to deliver to the customer quickly.

IN 2018 I STARTED to think that with this skill of web development and design, I would be able to take my own ideas live, with my own hands, perhaps easier than those without this skillset. I've wanted to be in a role to blend marketing and software and web development, but hadn't found anything that someone would give me a chance for. So, I decided to launch my own ecommerce business to sell drones. To succeed, it would need to blend great marketing strategies with great website to back it. 
So far I've gotten about 2200 followers on instagram which I've grown organically and without any ads. Just consistently pushing out quality content. On Pinterest I am also working hard to get my brand some exposure with good images and written content, with about 800 followers on that platform. I am also building an email list for targeted email marketing as well. I love figuring out what people like and don't like and tailoring to a demographic's needs, then developing software accordingly. You can CHECK OUT MY BUSINESS WITH THE BUTTONS BELOW.

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